Managed Cyber Security: ArkAngel

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How our Managed Security Services work.

Our Managed Security Services are built to address your growing IT security needs and offer you the highest standard of protection with a Service Level Agreement customized to your needs and business requirements. Our security specialist team will constantly monitor your critical assets, and will empower and work in partnership with your team to improve your overall security awareness and posture.

Protect Your Investment

The world can be a nefarious place, filled with goblins, ghouls, Trojans, and phishing scams. Cyberattacks are the modern war front and, like a kaiju escaped for the earth’s centre, they can be completely indiscriminate in who they target.
Fiberlynx doesn’t believe in fear mongering for sales though, which is why we’d rather focus on how we can make you a hero in this epic battle. Through a partnership with Above Security we’re able to offer our customers the Indiana Jones, the Hans Solo, heck, the Harrison Ford himself of Managed Security Services (MSS), which will work 24/7, 365 to keep you and your investment one step ahead of the bad guys.

How It Works

Above Security and their in-house developed ArkAngel platform, which acts as the bridge between yours and their worlds, allows their highly specialized staff to keep an eye keenly focused on your system… and when we say keep an eye we mean it. Real life, walking, talking, human beings are there every day of the year to vet and manage any and all security alerts and events that arise. They know exactly when a threat is serious enough that it needs to be escalated to your attention and when it’s minor enough that they can just let you stay focused on the task at hand. What happens when they go to the bathroom you wonder? Don’t worry, they’ve got a system for that too, just don’t ask them too much about it.
ArkAngel works to collectivize every one of your system logs, scans, alerts, and network activities into one place so that all of this information can be looked at holistically, meaning they are not only able to identify patterns and realize otherwise undetectable event correlations that are problematic, they’re also able to provide important insights on trends and potential vulnerabilities that exist in your system. They are then, in every sense, the Excalibur to your King Arthur.

To Outsource, Or Not to Outsource, That is the Question

Ok, maybe it wasn’t quite the question Hamlet famously asked, but when it comes to cyber security it’s an essential one for any business. Outsourcing could seem kind of counter intuitive, but when you consider the kind of capital investment you need to make and the headache of maintaining the right staff, who have the expertise and experience to effectively look after your system, you’ll see that Above Security is an excellent way to protect your investments, while freeing up capital to grow your business. It’s so brilliant in fact, that when your friends ask, “how’d you do it?” (while on your personal yacht somewhere in the Bahamas, of course) we encourage you to take all of the kudos for thinking of it.
Outsourced cyber security means that, as your business grows it will always have the vigilant support it needs while your security costs stay in check. We promise.

The Final Word

Fiberlynx’s managed cloud services coupled with Above Security’s MSS take all of the guesswork out of maintaining your site’s infrastructure and security, so that you have more time to focus on what’s really important.