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Is my system compatible with FiberLynx cloud?

We are, as the posh people say, agnostic, and can work with anything. You can even drop your system specs on in any format into (our Clustered page)-Link) and we’ll figure out everything needed for migration, optimization and cost reduction. Compliance is our middle name, Fiberlynx Compliance Hosting see!

Why is it important that my data be stored in Canada?

When data is stored in another country, it is then subject to that country’s laws and regulations in regards to how data is managed, stored, and most importantly, how it is secured and kept private. Data that is stored in the United States is threatened by the Patriot Act and the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA). These acts allow American entities such as the NSA and the FBI to access data stored anywhere within the United States, without the knowledge of the owner of the data. The ability for US government agencies to access data without warrant or notification to the owning party has resulted in the governments of British Columbia and Nova Scotia ordering that all data related to Health Services remain in Canada, even going as far as to keep them at the Provincial level. Businesses are moving their data to Canada, not only for the better privacy laws but for redundancy across a large infrastructure. The guy at the helm right now is a wild card so why not have to somewhere polite safe and no one's enemy. It's all aboot Canada! Fiberlynx is a Canadian based company and all of our servers and customers’ data reside in Canada. We currently exceed industry standards and ensure best practices when it comes to Regulatory, Compliance, Security and Data Integrity.

Can Fiberlynx help us get PCI and HIPPA compliant?

Compliance is our middle name, Fiberlynx Compliance Hosting see! We can help with system design to arranging audits for sign off. Done.

What are the financial benefits of Migrating to the cloud?

○ Efficiency efficiency efficiency. With our fresh set of eyes you’ll be able to lower your TCO, optimize your communications performance, leverage your in-house resources more efficiently, and lay the groundwork for future technology-based capabilities. We are unbiased and focus on productivity and optimization.

How secure is FiberLynx?

Built in a tier three facility in Vancouver and Toronto Cologix well within the borders of Canada- physical access is next to impossible your servers will be next to impossible for but our team of thoroughly checked out employees. Cyber security we can make 20 years of experience and go one step further adding real time monitoring if this is what you want to go. You tell us how far.

How long will a cloud migration take?

When compared to other services, we're as fast as can be. The overall timeframe, of course, will depend on the scale of the project. Big ones take a little longer but that's because we are detailed and through, small ones sit back and it will be done in a jiffy!

What separates FiberLynx from other cloud companies?

Agility with experience. Piggy backing our trusted partner allows for us to focus our energy on empathizing with clients needs and dedicate resources to actively helping achieve them.

What are your hours of operation for customer support?

24/7/365 - We don't sleep. We're like robotic nerds.

What is the support protocol in an emergency?

We'll likely know about anything before you do, and have the resources to take immediate action. Proper communication and transparency are a must so call us and explain your issues and we will get on it right away.

How involved can I be in architecting a custom system?

Completely or not at all, the brush is in your hand or you can click auto paint and focus on your core business. Please ask questions about our decisions and we will explain why we made them.

How easy is it to scale my system as my company grows?

Very. We love to see you grow. Our systems are designed to easily facilitate horizontal growth. With our experience, we can also suggest systems that will hugely decrease your workload along the way.

Is Fiberlynx Docker ready?

Indeed we are. Viva Revolution!