DDoS Protection

In the Wild West of the internet,
it’s good to have a secret weapon.

How our DDoS Protection works.

Fiberlynx has partnered with DOSarrest Internet Security to give you and your ideas one more line of defense, this time against Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. If you’re worried about interrupted service, talk to our team about adding DOSarrest to any of our cloud hosting services.

What is a DDoS attack?

This is a form of cyberattack that bombards your site with useless, illegitimate requests in an attempt to overload your system and use up all of its resources. In doing so, no one who has a legitimate request can get through. Anyone can do it! it could even be that guy you saw who gave you a weird look.
It’s like when your sibling used to yell over you while you tried to tell your parents they stole your dessert… but this time a strategic wet willy won’t help.
DDoS attacks can not only shutdown your site they can rapidly damage your site’s SEO, quickly undermining all of your hard work and your business’ viability.

How does DoSarrest work?

DOSarrest works by redirecting your domain and site traffic to one of their DOSarrest Virtual IPs (VIP) by the DNS, meaning all of your site traffic will be routed through their layered pre-filters and be monitored for attacks. If an attack takes place, DOSarrest’s system will bear the brunt and allocate the numerous malicious requests across multiple nodes and into an internet black hole, past the event horizon into oblivion to never return.
In layman’s terms, DOSarrest acts as a virtual address for your site. All requests will go through their site and any attacks that work by trying to overload your system by using up all of its resources will be spread across their resource rich, globally developed infrastructure. Think of it like shooting little purse shooter at Godzilla.
Coupled with their Web Application Firewall (WAF), which screens and removes malicious data on their servers before it can reach yours, DOSarrest will foil even the most dastardly of plans.

Still have Questions?

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