Clustered Cloud Hosting

Multi-Server Redundancy Never Felt So Good.
How our Clustered Cloud Hosting works.

Downtime is frown-time. At least when it comes to your site.

For those with complicated, high traffic sites our clustered clouds allow you to run your site simultaneously across multiple servers, meaning if traffic surges, no one will notice. Besides offering redundancy, our clustered clouds help your system balance load and resources while backing up your data in multiple places meaning you can remove the word “catastrophe” from your vocabulary.

Expertly managed, from design to maintenance, Fiberlynx is here to help.


Choose from a range of hosting packages that suit you best, then order online.


Sit back and put your feet up whilst our team work away getting your server setup within 24-48 hours.


Admire the speed and protection of our gloriously fast dedicated Canadian servers.

Lots of hosting services in town.
Why you should choose us?

Always Online

Our clustered clouds are supported by multiple servers working in unison, meaning you stay online. Even if you’re experiencing excessively high traffic. With this package, you’ll get top-notch redundancy, resources, and recovery.

Fully Scalable

Resource needs change. Whether you’re upscaling or downscaling, Fiberlynx will work with you to define your resource requirements and ensure you’re only paying for what you actually need.

Stay Secure

Being owned and operated out of Canada means that Fiberlynx gives you an important extra layer of protection against the US data collection machine. With the help of Canadian Privacy Laws, we’ll help keep your biggest ideas under wraps.

Helping Hands

We don’t expect you to be the expert when it comes to cloud hosting, that’s what we’re here for. Our team of veteran engineers will be the wind beneath your wings, using their extensive experience to help you optimize your site and applications to keep them running smoothly. They’ll take care of all of the nitty gritty, so you don’t have to.

Feel the Power

Before your clustered cloud hits the streets, our team will put it through a series of mind meltingly rigorous tests to make sure it’s up to snuff and ready for anything you throw at it. We’d rather be proactive than reactive when it comes to our customers.

Health Check

Little problems can quickly become big problems which is why we use our advanced server monitoring program to keep watch over your entire system’s health. It constantly monitors your system, flagging any potential problems before they become too big, meaning you can rest easy knowing you’ll have uninterrupted service.

Clustered Cloud Hosting
Technical Specifications

Operating Systems: Linux or Windows
Databases: Most common databases supported including MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle
CPU: VPSs are spun from Intel CPU (Xeon Processors). 2-12 CPU Core options.
RAM: 4GB – 256GB of ECC Registered RAM
Servers: Super Micro and/or Dell PowerEdge Servers
VPS Storage: Storage on redundant Network Appliance filers. 10 Gigabit dedicated Network SAN. Primary (15k SAS and SSD) and Secondary (SATA) storage options. Grow on demand from 10GB up to 50TB.
Baremetal Server Storage: RAID setup. 15k RPM SAS or SSD hard disk drives. Extended storage via Network Appliance filers.
Firewall Management: Full services include: assessment, patching, configuration, monitoring. Choice of software-based firewall or Cisco ASA hardware appliances. Fully managed firewalls setup and maintained using best practices and PCI/DSS or HIPAA compliances. Site to Site VPN and tunnels.
Load Balancer: Hardware active/passive layer 4/7fully managed load balancers. Software layer 4/7 fully managed load balancer.

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