7 Advantages of Private Cloud Hosting

    Confused about public or private cloud hosting? We don’t blame you. Understanding where the future lies can be tough. But 62 percent of businesses are now turning toward private cloud hosting solutions. If you’re at a loss as to whether your business needs private or public hosting, we’re here to help. Below, we’ve put together 7 advantages […]

    How Our Secure Cloud Hosting Works (And Why It’s so Safe)

    What is secure cloud hosting? The clouds are rolling in and we’re ready for a storm of information. We’re packing those clouds like we’re going on a 100-day pleasure cruise. And we’re not just packing, but we’re securing our stored cloud contents with Fort Knox type measures. Cloud hosting has become one of the most […]

    10 Tips to Find the Best Private Cloud Hosting Service

    Tech companies in the US are at an intersection of choices when it comes to finding the best private cloud hosting. Beyond the fear barriers of capitalizing on the cloud for business needs, there can be a fair amount of confusion when it comes to making solid decisions with a heavy ROI. In a global marketplace […]

    What Are the Top Canadian Web Hosting Services and Why?

    Canadian web hosting is a service that lets individuals and organizations put a website on the Internet via a server which is located in Canada. A web host provides the hardware and technology, so you can put your website out there for others to see. Of course, we all know having a website is essential. There […]