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We live in tumultuous times. Donald Trump is President of the USA, Cheetahs are nearly extinct, and every day we’re made more aware that the US data collection machine is surveilling us.

In a world where up is down and time is steadily winding back, all the way to Orwell’s 1984, it’s time everyone found a secure, private space where they can let their thoughts and ideas grow. You know… those off-the-wall, brash, extraordinary, change the world as we know it ideas? Those ideas that reveal everything about who we are and where we’re going? Yea…those.

Because without a space for free thought – a judgement, boundary, authority free place to challenge what we know – we stop innovating.

Fiberlynx Hosting understands this better than anyone and that’s why providing reliable, secure, and private cloud hosting for people and their business is our raison d’être, our reason for getting out of bed in the morning.

Owned and operated in Canada, our company extends to you, no matter where you are in the world, the privacy rights held by all Canadians, giving you one extra layer of protection from any busybodies wandering into your office space (virtually, of course, our bouncer service is on the backburner for now). Whether you choose our dedicated, clustered, or private cloud services, you’ll be able to sleep a bit easier at night knowing that all of your business product is being stored outside the purview of the United States Government’s mass data sweeps.

Your intellectual property deserves the kind of security you’d want in your home. Fiberlynx Hosting will help give you it that.

Why Host in Canada?

When data is stored in another country, it is subject to that country’s laws and regulations in regards to how data is managed, stored, and most importantly, how it is secured and kept private.

Data that is stored in the United States is threatened by the Patriot Act and the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA). These acts allow American entities such as the NSA and the FBI to access data stored anywhere within the United States, without the knowledge of the owner of the data.

The ability for US governmental agencies to access data without warrant or notification to the owning party has resulted in the governments of British Columbia and Nova Scotia ordering that all data related to Health Services remain in Canada, even going as far as to keep them at the Provincial level. Businesses are moving their data to Canada, not only for the better privacy laws, but for redundancy across a large infrastructure.

Fiberlynx is a Canadian based company and all of our servers and customers’ data reside in Canada. We currently exceed industry standards and ensure best practices when it comes to Regulatory, Compliance, Security and Data Integrity.

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