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Think of us as a swiss bank account for your brilliant ideas.

Sometimes we need a secure space to fine tune our most daring ideas and Fiberlynx Hosting – with the help of overly polite, expectedly discreet Canadian privacy laws – will help you keep every detail under wraps and away from prying eyes until you’re ready to go public on our Private Cloud Hosting servers.

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We’re polite and, for once, you won’t be laughing at us for it.

Having both our offices and our servers located in Vancouver, Canada means we, and by extension you, are protected by Canadian Privacy Laws. They’re like the Vegas of privacy laws. What happens here, stays here. We wouldn’t dream of sharing.

We’re nerds.

Our team has been around the block… several blocks… several New York City blocks, so setting up our servers and maintaining the hardware is what we do in our sleep. When we’re awake we spend our time getting to know your system infrastructure, better than we know our own mothers, so that we can understand what your system needs and how to optimize it to ensure everything carries on working like a well-oiled machine.

We have a wealth of knowledge that we’re just itching to share.

We don’t believe everyone’s business needs fit in a neat little box, so our team is here to be your sounding board, answer questions, and offer guidance when you may be feeling a little out of your depth. We’re equal parts genius, consultant, and friend. Feel free to lean on us!

Dedicated Cloud Hosting

Looking for a little Zen in your life? Our dedicated cloud hosting is a simple, powerful, highly customizable platform that gives your site the speed and reliability your business needs while giving you peace of mind. With our team of engineers managing everything from system design to maintenance, you’ll have more time to focus on what really matters.


Clustered Cloud Hosting

Downtime is frown-time. At least when it comes to your site. For those with complicated, high traffic sites our clustered clouds allow you to run your site simultaneously across multiple servers, meaning if traffic surges, no one will notice. Besides offering redundancy, our clustered clouds help your system balance load and resources while backing up your data in multiple places meaning you can remove the word “catastrophe” from your vocabulary. Expertly managed, from design to maintenance, Fiberlynx is here to help.


Private Cloud Hosting

Our private cloud hosting puts you in control. With the help of our team of engineers, you can build a fully customized, secured system that serves your unique business needs while ensuring you’re ready for any level of traffic. With full management and support of your platform and infrastructure included in your monthly costs and on-demand scaling, your Private Cloud will also help keep those pesky surprise costs at bay.


DDoS Protection

Fiberlynx has partnered with DOSarrest Internet Security to give you and your ideas one more line of defense, this time against Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. If you’re worried about interrupted service, talk to our team about adding DOSarrest to any of our cloud hosting services.

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